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You can find our contact information on the Personnel page.

Youth services

Youth services offer educational and recreational activities. Lohja youth services are a communal, non-profit, and non-religious organisation that provides activities and support for young people between the ages 12 and 29 in the City of Lohja. The goal of youth work is to support the growth and well-being of young people, to promote active citizenship and social strengthening and to improve the growth and living conditions of young people. Our main goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people, identify and reach out to the youth at risk, and to mitigate risk factors in collaboration with other professionals.

We organize meaningful activities for children and young people, such as summer camps and events. We offer activities at schools: small group activities, open activities or meeting spaces, themed classes and substance abuse education. We inform about the activities through the school. To get more information, contact the focused youth work team or the youth worker in your area. Activities are mostly free of charge and open to everyone.

Nuorisovaltuusto NuVa is our youth council. The task of the Youth Council is to highlight the voice of young people in municipal decision-making and represent young people. More information on Nuorisovaltuusto-Facebook. Varttivaltuusto is a group of 5th-6th graders, where children get to know the world of political decision-makers and get to influence their own living environment.

Youth clubs

We have 11 youth clubs and activity centres in different areas of Lohja, including a motor workshop, band garage, and two game centres. Our youth clubs are usually aimed at young people from 5th grade to 17 years old. Youth clubs are meeting places for young people, where you can meet friends and get to know new people. Youth facilities offer different opportunities and ways to spend your free time. Youth workers are happy to answer questions: We are here for YOU.

Youth Centre – Lohjan Nuorisokeskus

Youth Centre brings together all youth services!

The Youth Centre is a service hub operated by the City of Lohja and located in the city centre area at Kullervonkatu 7, 08100 Lohja, together with various national, municipal, and well-being services county operators. The Youth Centres’ services are primarily targeted at youths living and studying in Lohja and their families and friends. All services are free of charge, confidential, and available via advance appointment.

At the Youth Centre, young people, their families and friends can seek answers to life’s various challenges, great and small, related to mental health, drug use, well-being, independence, contraception, social relationships and sexual health, hobby opportunities, or romantic relationships and parenthood.
Some of the services are intended for specific age groups. Contact the Youth Centre for more information about the services.

Ohjaamo Centre – Ohjaamo Lohja

Work? Study? Housing? Daily life? Ohjaamo Centre – a one-stop service hub for young people under 30
Ohjaamo Centres provide support with matters related to work, education, and everyday life. Across Finland, nearly 70 Ohjaamo Centres provide easy access to information and needs-based guidance in matters related to education, employment, and well-being.

Ohjaamo Centres will not, for example, directly provide you with an apartment or social assistance, but you will receive information and support in applying for the help you need. There may be some variation in the professionals and range of services provided by the centres depending on the area.
In the Lohja Ohjaamo Centre, you will receive assistance from employment service professionals, on-site youth counselling, career counselling, and healthcare professionals.

Appointment-free reception on weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday from 13:00 to 16:00.
At other times, we respond to contacts as best we can. If we cannot answer you right away, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Detective youth work

Detective youth work is intended for 15-29-year-olds who live or study in Lohja, as well as adults close to them. The service is for young people who need support for future planning, education or working life matters. The goal is to activate young people and find them a place and direction in life.

You can express your concern about the young person or contact the detective youth work through the notification form of the detective youth work (in Finnish).

Focused youth work

Our focused youth work team provides activities and support for at-risk youths between the ages 12 and 18. In this team, we focus on identifying and supporting at-risk youths in collaboration with other professionals at schools, social services, and the police. We provide individual support based on the “Standing on My Own Feet” method, which allows youth work professionals to influence and intervene in different situations in life and provides young people with new perspectives to their own life. The team also organises group activities for young people focusing on specific themes (loneliness, anxiety, LGBTIQA+, etc.).

Youth workshop Tuuma

Getting to grips with working life in the youth workshop Tuuma!

The Tuuma workshop offers young people the opportunity to try out working life while supported and guided by workshop assistants. The workshop is directed at residents of Lohja under 29, who need support in transitioning to working life. When agreed on in advance, participation in the workshop can also contribute towards a vocational degree.